Human Cognition on a Big Data Scale

NexLP uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to derive actionable insight from unstructured and structured data


Real Data.
Real Simple.
Real Time.

The amount of digital information is exponentially growing, but finding what you’re looking for has never been easier. Leveraging the latest advances in Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Cognitive Computing, and Machine LearningㅡStory Engine™ is redefining workforce performance.

Founded on the belief that human guided artificial intelligence is the future of the modern analyst, the team at NexLP is at the forefront of machine assisted analytics. How do we know? Our founding team includes the architect of some the world’s highest performing artificial intelligence, PhD level data scientists, and seasoned entrepreneurs.

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Dynamic Solutions Right Out Of The Box


Story Engine™

Search, analyze, and investigate complex datasets to tell a story


Story Engine™ I³

Actively monitor enterprise communications to turn disparate data into decisive action 




Fraud Investigation

Information Governance

Defensible Deletion


Insider Threat Detection

Flag Spearfishing Attempts

Whistle Blower

IP/Data leakage


FINRA Violations

Insider Trading

Anti-Money Laundering

Price Fixing

Human Resources


Corporate Social Responsibility

Loyalty Risk Index & Retention

Sexual Harassment Prevention

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