Authentic AI to Solve Big Data Challenges

NexLP's Story Engine™ harnesses AI and machine learning to derive actionable insights from structured and unstructured data to deliver operational efficiencies & proactive risk mitigation for legal, corporate and compliance teams.


Inside Our Authentic AI Platform

Machine-Assisted Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Authentic AI is much more than just text analytics. NexLP’s Story Engine leverages predictive coding, combined with next-generation Natural Language Processing, cognitive analytics and dataless classification to turn disparate, unstructured data into meaningful insight that can save time, money, and unnecessary risk.

As the leader in legal and compliance AI, our breakthrough tools and technology use adaptive AI, behavioral analysis and AI Model Libraries to focus on the context around the data, not just what the words are saying.


Our cutting-edge AI and machine learning uses four key components:

  • Linguistic Intelligence to analyze email and document text analytics

  • Content Classification to understand unsupervised and supervised data

  • Emotional Intelligence to detect sentiment analysis and fraud signals

  • Behavioral Intelligence to conduct anomaly detection and social network analysis

For Legal Teams: Designed for eDiscovery and investigation teams, Story Engine mines data for patterns and anomalies, maps custodian relationships and conversations, and documents in a fraction of the time other applications require. Learn More

For Enterprises: Our technology delivers an off-the-shelf cognitive analytics platform to  autonomously classify millions of documents and target incidents at the source, giving your team time to proactively get ahead of risk before it escalates. Learn More

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Take a Look Inside NexLP's Authentic AI Platform

The Difference is Cognitive Analytics

Our authentic AI goes beyond text analytics by focusing on the context around the data, not just what the data is saying. StoryEngine bridges the data gaps that exist between legal and compliance to save time, and money — while mitigating risks that you may not even know exist.


Enhanced Enterprise Intelligence & Performance

Story Engine’s enterprise intelligence autonomously classify millions of documents full of unstructured data ahead of a review team to reduce time and spend by analyzing multiple data channels for a 360-degree view of business data to find opportunities, risks and data hotspots.


Proactive Risk Mitigation & Customized AI

 Unlock the benefits of next-generation AI technology. With Story Engine, anyone can build their own AI Models that can be deployed for nearly any unstructured data set. Story Engine leverages bespoke AI Models to look for stories that learn from each user interaction to improve performance over time. Quickly identify risk for compliance, ethics, human resources, internal auditing and other departments where risk exists.

Streamlined eDiscovery & Fraud Investigations

Find the facts that matter most, faster than ever before. NexLP’s technology more closely represents human intellect and helps find the most important documents as quickly as possible. Story Engine eliminates the need for complex queries, and is backed by AI specifically designed for investigation and legal teams.


COSMIC: Cognitive Machine Coding

Say Goodbye To Predictive Intelligence and Hello To Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

COSMIC utilizes Story Engine’s cognitive analytics engine to understand the people and concepts discussed in documents

Machine Learning

COSMIC constantly works behind the scenes to process and learn what information is most important to users

Pattern Mining

COSMIC utilizes multiple classifiers and analyzes over 30 document features to better represent human intellect

Enhanced Threading

Engineered for speed, COSMIC ‘s active learning workflow means knowledge workers are never waiting on the system to provide documents

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