Overcoming the AI Apprehension: FAQs About Our Legal Tech

Artificial Intelligence has become a buzzword in every industry, but not many truly understand the vast benefits of applying this technology to traditional business models. Many law firms, for example, struggle with how to justify adding another line item to the technology budget.

Some question how AI can actually enhance operational efficiencies, while others are simply overwhelmed with learning how the technology works. That’s why NexLP is here — to serve as your AI deployment experts that can help you better understand the true value that exists within your own data. We’re here to help you sift through all the unstructured data that’s typically done with costly, inefficient manual review processes if done at all. Instead, our technology helps you tease out the narratives better and faster than industry alternatives.

Instead of complicating your job with technology, our platform helps you design repeatable processes by using AI to find signals, documents/key facts and reduce costs. Our emotional intelligence approach adapts to your data and automates data review tasks that used to take entire legal teams months to complete.

To help you better understand where AI fits into your firm’s discovery practices, we’ve broken down a series of frequently asked questions so we can help demystify some of the aura around AI.

How We’re Different?

Powered by the work of NexLP Co-Founder Dr. Dan Roth, the winner of the 2017 John McCarthy Award — given to the most distinguished group of AI experts in the world — Story Engine is based on Authentic AI that understands the context within the data universe.

Our platform goes beyond text analytics by focusing on the context around the data, not just what the words are saying. NexLP’s Story Engine analyzes and autonomously classify millions of documents full of unstructured data ahead of a review team.

Story Engine can immediately show sentiment analysis. This analysis can identify documents with negative sentiment, high-pressure content (where the receiver feels like they are under pressure), opportunity score and rationalization (where someone is rationalizing behavior).

Story Engine can also show over 60 key features of data like geographical places mentioned, instances where money was discussed, the top communicators in the data set and even perform social network analysis. Our platform encompasses two products. Story Engine, which searches, analyzes, and investigates complex datasets to tell a story; Story Engine I³ actively monitors enterprise communications to turn disparate data into decisive action in near real-time.

Key Features of Story Engine:

  • Automatically identifies patterns, places and people to communicate the latest case narratives. This provides users the ability to quickly visualize the data within the Synergy UI and see the whole story from multiple dimensions.

  • Creates a Tree Map based on advanced clustering to provide an interactive surface that evolves as searches change.

  • Synergy UI, Story Engine’s interface, allows users to find related documents and adjust their search to their preferred concepts.

  • COSMIC’S adaptive AI automatically adjusts the machine learning to your data and builds a comprehensive model. Story Engine’s model library allows for instant re-use of your optimized AI models.

  • Identifies the most important issues, key events and people involved. Building from existing institutional IP, Story Engine stacks AI models to help you instantly get the most out of your own data.

  • Leveraging Natural Language Processing, Cognitive Analytics, and Machine Learning, Story Engine turns disparate, unstructured data into meaningful insights that can be used to act on a truly comprehensive view of the entire data universe.

What Common Industry Problems Does NexLP’s Platform Address?

Conceptually, the AI Model Library can be difficult to grasp. Specifically, in the legal field, there are concerns about where Story Engine fits into their model. Our answer? Story Engine is not about processing, and it’s not just about review. Our platform addresses both sides of the data analysis equation.

How We Solve For This: We help firms understand the urgency and value of implementing AI as an early adopter (specifically, people in task-oriented, cost center roles). Our platform improves organizational performance and reduces spend by analyzing multiple data channels for a 360-degree view of business data to find additional opportunities.

With Story Engine™, anyone can build their own AI Models that can be deployed for nearly any unstructured data set. An AI model library allows firms to apply previous case knowledge to new cases to continually make their own AI models smarter and faster.

What are the Common Pain Points Our Clients Are Trying to Address?

There’s a common theme among everyone we talk to: Sorting through data manually is a time-consuming and costly task. With a need to leverage actionable information faster, many firms want to replace existing technology that will solve their current data analysis needs. Instead of expanding technology budgets to include a new item, many firms express the need to replace a current system by adding on additional expenses to their team.

How We Solve For This: Potential clients often don’t even realize they have a problem until we explain how NexLP’s AI platform would transform their current workflow. From there, it’s easy to recognize how our technology can function within their existing tools.

Story Engine helps legal teams find the facts that matter most, faster by eliminating the need for complex queries. Our platform is backed by AI specifically designed for investigation and legal teams.

Our platform goes beyond text analytics by focusing on the context around the data, not just what the data is saying. NexLP’s Story Engine™ extends beyond the four corners of a document to analyze and autonomously classify millions of documents full of unstructured data ahead of a review team.

What Apprehensions do We Hear the Most About Using Machine Learning/AI Technology?

Many don’t feel they understand the technology enough to be confident in their ability to use the platform/invest in it. It is a common fear among firms that relying on technology will cause them to overlook key evidence.They also often question how technology will be perceived by their clients, and if will make them look less valuable to their own firm. Comprehensive document review, however, is a key component of our AI technology.

How We Solve For This: We take the guesswork out of eDiscovery. We have also built a platform that streamlines the document review process by applying our cutting-edge technology. You don’t have to be an AI expert. We make it quick and easy to integrate our platform into your existing processes so you don’t have to reinvent how you’re conducting data analysis. Our approach simply manages it better, faster and more effectively.

Using our break-through tools like Emotional Intelligence, Behavioral Analysis and AI Model Library, Story Engine™ allows firms to leverage all the work they’ve done on previous cases and apply that knowledge to new cases, which makes their AI models continually smarter and faster. With little effort, this allows teams to build out their own library of AI models to win new clients and extend existing client relationships without new investments.

How We Address Apprehensions of Prospective Clients?

Change management can be challenging for any organization, but in legal, where time is always tight, onboarding new technologies can be painful.  We understand this at NexLP and provide a client on-boarding experience that is unsurpassed in the legal market. NexLP was built by legal tech industry veterans who understand the unique challenges faced by legal customers.

Our client success team guides new clients through a detailed onboarding process that has been proven successful with hundreds of installations worldwide. Whether the installation involves our cloud service or an on premise installation, or whether we’re providing admin level training or end user onboarding, the NexLP customer success team ensures an enjoyable experience.  Then, once our AI technology is in place and the users are ready to access Story Engine, all apprehensions melt away seeing the incredible efficiencies play out. Our goal is always to show demonstrable efficiencies and these reveal themselves within days of using Story Engine.


For more on how Story Engine can help your team get the most out of your own data — while winning over current and prospective clients — request a demo today with our team.

Jay Leib

Jay Leib is the CEO of NexLP, Inc. Jay has successfully founded and led software start-ups throughout his career. Most recently, Mr. Leib was at Chicago-based Relativity (formerly kCura) as the Chief Strategy Officer. Relatiivity is a Chicago based company focused on the eDiscovery vertical.