NexLP’s AI Models Featured by Acorn Legal Solutions

An article by Acorn Legal Solutions CEO Lia Majid following the ILTACON 2019 conference highlighted the evolution of the Technology Assisted Review (TAR) industry. As a keynote speaker on this topic to CLEs, CGs and in-house attorneys, Majid facilitates the adoption of predictive analytics technology across the legal sector. 

Increasingly, predictive coding is being used across for cases, as two-thirds of those at the conference had used for at least one case, Majid wrote. Just 15% of the audience had used for multiple cases, she noted, in her review of the event’s discussions.

“In my view, Jay Leib and NexLP are at the forefront of innovation in the industry on both of these topics. They have been developing technologies like these TAR 5.0 Imaginings for a couple years. With their product, we already have the capability to use AI models across cases — it is particularly valuable for employment matters. And we are already aggregating data trends to find the hidden stories – a particularly compelling example is when StoryEngine was used for document-universe trends in a price-fixing matter.”

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