ILTACON 2018 Recap: The Future of Legal Tech and eDiscovery

The NexLP joined ILTACON 2018 — the 41st educational conference for the legal sector — last week and saw both sides of the show with a booth in the exhibit hall and a spot on stage with CEO Jay Leib as a prominent panelist. 

Leib spoke on the panel that focused on the future of eDiscovery. This panel dove into industry leaders’ predictions on what will disrupt this market, and how organizations should be adapting. They also shared insights into how law firms can prepare themselves to stay competitive in the eDiscovery marketplace using available legal tech.

Among the tech discussed by Leib was the release of NexLP’s Story Engine 2.0 — a machine learning-based platform designed to help legal teams leverage more comprehensive AI models by turning unstructured data into meaningful insights.

“The real takeaway is the value people are finding in the Story Cards that exist within our new Synergy UI. These provide users the ability to surface narratives, anomalies, and patterns that end-users would not have uncovered without our AI,” Leib said. “Story Cards offer incredible insights that most don’t even realize are hidden in their own data. They uncover the stories in your data and that’s really powerful.”

Story Engine 2.0 features the ability for case teams to create powerful encrypted AI Models to add to their Model Library.  Case teams simply select one or models from their AI Model Library for all new matters to receive instant analysis on the new data sets. Story Engine’s model library allows for instant re-use of a firm’s optimized AI models and all models are transferable.

“AI is the new Workflow. Legal tech professionals do not want to figure out a series of steps. They want the AI to find the key documents, facts, and actors,” said Damon Goduto, SVP at NexLP.

Key takeaways from the 2.0 release include:

  • Building from existing institutional IP, Story Engine 2.0 automatically identifies key patterns, places, and people to communicate the latest case narratives.

  • User have the ability to quickly visualize the data within the new Synergy UI and see the whole story from multiple dimensions.

  • Synergy UI, Story Engine’s robust interface, allows users to find related documents and adjust their search to their preferred concepts.

  • The new UI also allows users to see variations in the sentiment analysis to easily identify different intensities of emotion.

  • Allows end-users to dynamically work with the Patterns, Anomalies, and Social Graph connections in their data in a fluid and natural way

As for other key takeaways from ILTACON, here’s some feedback our team gathered:

  • NexLP’s AI Model Library was the top item attendees asked about. This technology, with two years in production, has the ability to port a Model to other cases or even clients for instant AI analysis. This resonated with the ILTACON audience.

  • The biggest interest was about the new patterns interface. This feature allows for users to read their patterns and anomalies in story format.

  • Another popular item of discussion was with our new Synergy UI. This UI provides the ability to visualize a social graph of actors within data, add a cluster of documents see the patterns of activities and anomalies within their data.

For more on the release of Story Engine 2.0, read the full news release here.

Jay Leib

Jay Leib is the CEO of NexLP, Inc. Jay has successfully founded and led software start-ups throughout his career. Most recently, Mr. Leib was at Chicago-based Relativity (formerly kCura) as the Chief Strategy Officer. Relatiivity is a Chicago based company focused on the eDiscovery vertical.