NexLP's Head of Machine Learning Featured Speaker at Women in eDiscovery Conference

NexLP's Head of Machine Learning, Dr. Irina Matveeva, will be speaking this week on Thursday, May 9, on the 'Next Frontier of Machine Learning' panel at the Women in eDiscovery conference.

Women in eDiscovery is a global group with thousands of members and 28 chapters. The group is comprised of professionals within the legal industry including attorneys, litigation support professionals, paralegals, legal IT staff, court reporters, consultants, recruiters and vendors.

Dr. Matveeva was Employee No. 1. The ability to apply her research background toward real-world problems gave her all the motivation she needed to join the team five years ago.

“The founders are really passionate about technology. For a long time there was a lot of research on AI, but now it is part of everyday life,”  Matveeva said. “Natural language processing is fascinating when you apply it to solving actual problems.”

What motivates Matveeva to be part of a rapidly-growing startup is the energy that everyone across the team has dedicated to helping the company grow. The hours can be long, but everyone takes their work very personal, she said.

“Everybody is very unified by the mission. Our mission is very high level. We take very cool technologies and making them work in the real world. Even developers who are the front-end of the technology are still fascinated by what we are providing,” Matveeva said. “It’s not just about a job, it’s a mission where we are all in together.  We’ve brought in highly professional people with great personalities who are driven by the mission that’s centered on a common goal.”

She specifically pointed toward the team’s ability to wear multiple hats, always thinking outside the box to determine where the organization can evolve.

“Our CEO Jay really pushes the envelope and always pushes us to find the best technology. He is really on the forefront of all the development. He is the businessman, but also lives in the world of the latest technologies to help our clients solve problems,” Matveeva said. “That makes the life and work of our company very dynamic. We are constantly moving and constantly thinking about how new technologies can help our clients get better.”

The Evolution of the AI Market

What’s changed most in the past five years is the extent of which everybody is talking about the application of big data.

“Everybody is talking about big data. There’s so much data, companies cannot process it manually anymore. They need machine learning to get real insight and context of that data,” Matveeva said. “The trend came together where we saw the merging of AI, big data, and machine using really complicated algorithms. It’s really a dramatic shift how much people are using AI in their daily lives.”

A decade ago, the legal and corporate worlds needed more convincing about the power of AI and machine learning. Now, firms are increasingly receptive to how to use predictive coding and better data classification to build better models. What gives NexLP its edge is the ability to combine research with real-world applications — such as in the e-discovery field.

“We are very close to the latest advances in research. We are really the bridge between cutting-edge research and results. Our software is really like a pipeline. There is development and there is research,” Matveeva said. “We adapt it, we transform it and it becomes a product we can deliver to our clients.”

From monitoring the latest developments in the lab, to researching the latest technology trends across the business ecosystem, the NexLP team focuses on giving context to AI technology through state-of-the-art research that’s consistently evolving.

Learn more about Dr. Matveeva here in her bio.