NexLP Releases Story Engine 2.0 to Help Legal Case Teams Leverage More Comprehensive AI Models

Authentic AI technology helps firms turn unstructured data into meaningful insights

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Aug. 20, 2018 — NexLP, the leaders in legal and corporate AI, announced today at ILTACON the release of StoryEngine 2.0 to help law firms and legal departments get the most out of their corporate data — and gain an edge with their current and potential clients — using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology.

Powered by the work of NexLP Co-Founder Dr. Dan Roth, the winner of the 2017 John McCarthy Award — given to the most distinguished group of AI experts in the world — Story Engine 2.0 turns disparate, unstructured data into meaningful insights that can be used to act with a truly comprehensive view of the entire data universe.

Leveraging NexLP’s COSMIC AI, Story Engine learns outside the four corners of documents. COSMIC’S adaptive AI automatically adjusts the machine learning to organizational data and builds a comprehensive model. Story Engine’s model library allows for instant re-use of a firm’s optimized AI models.

“Utilizing Dr. Dan Roth’s deep NLP research, Story Engine’s AI has always been uncanny in the way it is able to point end-users to important facts, actors and documents in their data set. The new Synergy user interface in Story Engine 2.0 will allow end-users to dynamically work with the Patterns, Anomalies, and Social Graph connections in their data in a fluid and natural way,” said NexLP CEO Jay Leib.

Building from existing institutional IP, Story Engine 2.0 automatically identifies key patterns, places, and people to communicate the latest case narratives. This provides users the ability to quickly visualize the data within the new Synergy UI and see the whole story from multiple dimensions. Synergy UI, Story Engine’s robust interface, allows users to find related documents and adjust their search to their preferred concepts. The UI also allows users to see variations in the sentiment analysis to easily identify different intensities of emotion.

“Using the new dynamic features of Story Engine 2.0, case teams should be to create powerful AI Models for their current data incredibly quickly and then be able to drop their encrypted AI Model into their own Model Library for instant analysis in all new data sets,” Leib said.

About NexLP

NexLP is a VC-backed startup formed by top minds in artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing. Our AI solutions, Story Engine 2.0 and Story Engine i3, are academically vetted and proven to be the highest performing AI solutions of their type. NexLP's artificial intelligence technology allows users to navigate unstructured data (emails, text messages, legal documents, etc.) faster and with a greater understanding of context than any other offering. For more information, visit or email