NexLP Releases Story Engine 2.11 To Deliver Streamlined Pre-Packaged AI Models

As a leader in authentic corporate and legal AI, NexLP is consistently striving toward delivering its diverse client base the most cutting-edge AI technology to allow organizations to be much more efficient with their data review processes.

Building from existing institutional IP, NexLP’s Story Engine 2.11 offers predefined, customizable investigative AI models, algorithms, and secure collaboration to allow data to tell its story. Story Engine turns disparate, unstructured data into meaningful insights that can be used to act with a truly comprehensive view of the entire data universe.

Story Engine automatically identifies key patterns, places, and people to communicate the latest case narratives. This provides users the ability to quickly visualize the data within the Synergy UI and see the whole story from multiple dimensions. Synergy UI, Story Engine’s robust interface, allows users to find related documents and adjust their search to their preferred and relevant concepts. The UI also allows users to see variations in the sentiment analysis to easily identify different intensities of emotion.

The analysis that StoryEngine does behind the scenes is as sophisticated as it gets, but the user’s experience is now easier than ever. The latest capabilities released in Story Engine 2.11 takes the upgraded version of the Story Engine platform 2.0, which was released last fall, to the next level by revamping processing-as-a-service, system administration pages, and reference models. These enhancements allow users to:

  • Optimize reviewers' time with pre-trained AI starter models.

  • Upload and process data more efficiently

  • Gain immediate visibility into user actions and running processes

These new features all streamline the administrative processes so users can focus on bringing value to their organizations more quickly than ever.

Leveraging NexLP’s COSMIC AI, Story Engine learns outside the four corners of documents. COSMIC’s adaptive AI automatically adjusts the machine learning to organizational data and builds a comprehensive model. Story Engine’s model library allows for instant re-use of a firm’s optimized AI models.

On top of being able to pack and stack existing AI models, NexLP’s Story Engine 2.11 comes with new pre-trained starter models. Users can take their data and apply them to these models upon processing and immediately see the AI classify thousands, or millions of documents.

The 2.11 collection of starter models is the exciting first release of a growing library of models that we are working tirelessly to train to transform your data and uncover insights like magic.

Among the latest upgrades included in 2.11 are:

  • Pre-Trained AI Starter Models: Users can optimize reviewers' time by implementing our brand new pre-trained models on top of your data. These models are ready out of the box to apply to your data.

  • Enhanced Admin Dashboards: Empowers admins to gain immediate visibility into all user actions and running processes, easy-to-access exports and log downloads, and troubleshooting information.

  • Customizable Processing-as-a-Service: Users can upload and process their data more efficiently with our completely revamped data source upload & processing UI directly in-app with easily customizable processing settings.