What's Trending At Your Company?

Find out with Story Engine™ I³

Transparency Is A Click Away

In today’s volatile world employee and customer demeanor can change at the slightest indication of scandals, attacks, and simply rumor.

Wouldn’t it be great to visualize employee sentiment, what topics are trending in your organization, and where the biggest changes are occurring in real time?

NexLP’s off-the-shelf cognitive computing platform uses next generation artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect signals at their earliest stageㅡgiving you time to react.


Get Data From The Source


How It Works

Direct connectors available for fast ingestion of enterprise data and text  mining

Process your information, develop custom identifiers on the fly, and detect issues buried deep within your enterprise

Leverage your data’s insight to enhance your busines

Implementation Options



Story Engine™ is available on a transactional basis as scalable and rapidly deployable cloud based SaaS. Contact us at Sales@NexLP.com to schedule a demo or setup your cloud profile.



Story Engine™ can be deployed and hosted on premise through one of our channel partners. Contact us at Sales@NexLP.com to schedule a demo and get connected.