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Say Goodbye To Predictive Intelligence and Hello To Artificial Intelligence


Story Engine™

Developed by the most experienced eDiscovery startup team ever assembled, Story Engine goes beyond the four corners of a document to analyze and autonomously classify millions of documents full of unstructured data ahead of a review team. Using innovative tools like concept search, enhanced threading, and in-depth filtering, Story Engine™ actively learns what's important to the matter—ensuring reviewers are always provided the most relevant documents without delay. 


Story Engine Benefits

  • Visually identify and understand major players and topics in your data
  • Utilize pattern detection to find key events and anomalies
  • Understand the context of a story with tone & work shift
  • Prepare for interviews and depositions quickly with dynamic profiles and summarized facts
  • Built-in visual threading and near-duplication detection allows for quick dissection of emails
  • Reduce false keyword searches with Named Entity Recognition technology—automatically identifying money, dates, people, locations, and organizations
  • Reduce errors in finding potentially privileged documents
  • Slice through production data quickly

Dynamic Profiling

  • Actor Name
  • Organization Name
  • Anomaly Detection

Interactive Visuals

  • Visualize Communications
  • Ability to drilldown
  • Analyze Interactions


  • Cognitive Computing 
  • Enhanced Threading
  • Innovative Statistical Sampling

Intelligent Search

  • Find Key Facts
  • Faceted Search
  • Interrogate Custodians

COSMIC: Cognitive Machine Coding

Going Beyond Predictive

Artificial Intelligence

COSMIC utilizes Story Engine’s cognitive computing engine to understand the people and concepts discussed in document

Machine Learning

COSMIC constantly works behind the scenes to process and learn what information is most important to users

Pattern Mining

COSMIC utilizes multiple classifiers and analyzes over 30 document features to better represent human intellect

Enhanced Threading

Engineered for speed, COSMIC ‘s active learning workflow means knowledge workers are never waiting on the system to provide documents


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Implementation Options



Story Engine™ is available on a transactional basis as scalable and rapidly deployable cloud based SaaS. Contact us at to schedule a demo or setup your cloud profile.



Story Engine™ can be deployed and hosted on premise through one of our channel partners. Contact us at to schedule a demo and get connected.


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Designed specifically for law firms, Story Engine™ Cloud is a rapidly deployable and easily scalable version of NexLP’s on premise eDiscovery, Investigation, Compliance, and Information Governance platform.