We See Security Differently.

Story Engine™ I³ 

The Best Way To Prevent Insider Threats Is To Detect Them In Advance 

At NexLP, we know insider threats are elusive and unpredictable, that’s why we’ve trained our artificial intelligence to think like one.

Conventional end-point tools and mitigation strategies focus on what a person is doing, not what a person is conspiring to do—that’s where NexLP comes in.

Initially designed to look for collusion and malfeasance during legal investigations, the team at NexLP is moving insider threat detection upstream to target insiders at the earliest stage—before they act.


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How It Works

Mine Data

Direct connectors available for fast ingestion of enterprise data and text mining

Analyze Information

Process your information, develop custom identifiers on the fly, and detect issues buried deep within your enterprise

Actionable Insight

Leverage your data’s insight to enhance your business

Get Data From The Source


Implementation Options


Managed SaaS

Story Engine™ is available as   scalable and rapidly deployable cloud based SaaS. Contact us at Sales@NexLP.com to schedule a demo or setup your cloud profile.



Story Engine™ can be deployed and hosted on premise through one of our channel partners. Contact us at Sales@NexLP.com to schedule a demo and get connected.