Story Engine™ I³ 

The Best Investigations Are The Ones That Can Be Avoided

Protect Your Organization From Litigation


From finance to pharmaceutical to manufacturing, the amount of regulations and the cost of staying in compliance are at an all-time high. At NexLP, we’re making staying in compliance easier and less expensive than ever before.

Powered by state of the art artificial intelligence, our off-the-shelf cognitive computing platforming is designed to target incidents at the source, giving your team time to resolve them before they escalate.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a demo to see how Story Engine™ can build models on the fly to detect risks unique to your industry. 

How It Works

Mine Data

Direct connectors available for fast ingestion of enterprise data and text mining

Analyze Information

Process your information, develop custom identifiers on the fly, and detect issues buried deep within your enterprise

Actionable Insight

Leverage your data’s insight to enhance your business

Implementation Options



Story Engine™ is available on a transactional basis as scalable and rapidly deployable cloud based SaaS. Contact us at Sales@NexLP.com to schedule a demo or setup your cloud profile.



Story Engine™ can be deployed and hosted on premise through one of our channel partners. Contact us at Sales@NexLP.com to schedule a demo and get connected.