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Story Engine™

Search, analyze, and investigate complex datasets to tell a story


Story Engine™ I³

Actively monitor enterprise communications to turn disparate data into decisive action 


Data Source Agnostic


Smart Search




Interactive Visualizations


Use Cases




Fraud Investigation

Information Governance

Defensible Deletion



FINRA Violations

Insider Trading

Anti-Money Laundering

Price Fixing

The Future of E-Discovery Is Here


Go beyond the four corners of a document to slice through data by autonomously classifying millions of documents full of unstructured data ahead of a review team.

Using innovative tools like concept search, enhanced threading, and in-depth filtering, Story Engine™ actively learns what's important to an investigation—ensuring reviewers are always provided the most relevant documents without delay. 

The Best Investigations Are The Ones That Can Be Avoided

From finance to pharmaceutical to manufacturing, the amount of regulations and the cost of staying in compliance are at an all-time high. At NexLP, we’re making it easier and less expensive to stay in compliance than ever before.

Powered by state of the art artificial intelligence, our off-the-shelf cognitive analytics platform targets incidents at the source, giving your team time to resolve them before they escalate. 



Insider Threat Detection

Flag Spearfishing Attempts

Whistle Blower

IP/Data leakage



Corporate Social Responsibility

Loyalty Risk Index & Retention

Sexual Harassment Prevention

The Best Way To Prevent Insider Threats Is To Detect Them In Advance

At NexLP, we know insider threats are elusive and unpredictable, that’s why we’ve trained our artificial intelligence to think like one.

Conventional end-point tools and mitigation strategies focus on what a person is doing, not what a person is conspiring to do—that’s where NexLP comes in.

Initially designed to look for collusion and malfeasance during legal investigations, the team at NexLP is moving insider threat detection upstream to target insiders at the earliest stage—before they act.

Transparency Is A Click Away


In today’s volatile world employee and customer demeanor can change at the slightest indication of scandals, attacks, and simply rumor.

Wouldn’t it be great to visualize employee sentiment, what topics are trending in your organization, and where the biggest changes are occurring in real time?

NexLP’s off-the-shelf cognitive analytics platform uses next generation artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect signals at their earliest stageㅡgiving you time to react.


Check out how NexLP seamlessly integrates with Relativity® 


Implementation Options


Managed SaaS

Story Engine™ is available as   scalable and rapidly deployable cloud based SaaS solution. Contact us at to schedule a demo or setup your cloud profile.



Story Engine™ can be deployed and hosted on premise through one of our channel partners. Contact us at to schedule a demo and get connected.