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White Paper: AI Models

What is an AI model? What value does this technology bring to law firms? How has the AI market evolved — and how is it projected to grow? Our team took a deep dive into these questions to share how AI investments are skyrocketing, what’s driving that growth and what this means for the future of legal services.

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Inside Story Engine™

Using breakthrough tools like Emotional Intelligence, Behavioral Analysis andAI Model Library, Story Engine™ allows firms to leverage work they’ve done on previous cases and apply that knowledge to new cases. This allows teams to build out their own library with AI models to win new clients and extend existing client relationships without new investments.


Story Engine™ Case Study

NexLP uses Machine Learning and AI to mine data for patterns and anomalies, map custodian relationships and conversations, and documents in a fraction of the time other applications require. Learn how one firm benefited from our cognitive analytics tool and saved $775,000 in review fees through use of Story Engine.

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